Reign of Winter

Session One: The First Snow

Third Person Following Eirwyn Le Snaedis

Eirwyn finds herself in the small village of Heldren, saddened at her most recent misfortunes. Her long time friend and protector Lucian had taken an arrow in the neck for her. He most likely saved her life, but he died in her arms. Eirwyn was still beside herself with grief as she went to the tavern and rented a room, going right to sleep out of exasperated frustration and sorrow.

The next morning Eirwyn was feeling better, though she was still sorrowful and felt slightly fatigued as she rolled out of bed. She went downstairs and ordered a bowl of the porridge filling the room with its hearty aroma. She had to force herself to eat as she sat there she started picking up on local rumors. It seemed that a noblewoman named Ladey Argentia Malassene had called off her engagement and was running away with another, and Arin Lenitha. Also, a hunter named Driden Kemp had seen a white weasel, and he was hunting it at the high ridge.

Eirwyn finished up and went outside. There was quite a bustle around town, and Eirwyn spotted a few other obvious outsiders. One was a tall and powerful looking Tian Xi man with dual katanas, who she later learned was a powerful ronin warrior named Kaito Raitoningu, who had this thing with honor and cleanliness. There was also Kenna Dagrun, a Samasaran archer that had the powers of nature at her vey fingertips, and a bow across her back. The last outsider was Vajra Rava, a blue skinned tiefling. She looked as if she had been living in the village for a short time, though she was still very much an outsider.
As Eirwyn was taking in her surroundings she heard a commotion from the outskirts of town. She ran up there along with the outsiders and she saw a strong Ulfen barbarian that hailed from her homelands in the North, Irrisen. He was badly wounded and only got out a single word, goblin, before collapsing. Then three groups of goblins ran into town. Eirwyn started cursing them while the other outsiders went and fought them. There was something unusual here, the goblins looked fatigued and tired, as if they were attacking because they were starving and weak rather than out of malice. Eirwyn didn’t have time to process it then as they had to save a child and she had to heal up the Ulfen who was bleeding out.

Eirwyn and the outsiders managed to defeat the goblins before a single villager dropped. The four of them spoke with the Ulfen who informed them that he was a guard with the caravan guarding Lady Argentia, and that they were waylaid. He said fey and bandits working together crushed them in a pincer attack and they seemed to be working together. The five of them went to the mayor and explained the situation to her. The Mayor was already aware of the situation and said she’d offer any assistance she could. She opened up the armory to the party and told them to visit the shop keeps and that they could use her name.

After the armory Kaito left group and went to the gate. The others went with Eirwyn to Vivilia’s General Shop. Eirwyn was able to get Vivilia to give them some free gear for rescuing her niece. The girls left Eirwyn alone and went to the south gate while Eirwyn went to the remaining shopkeeps. She visited the Blacksmith, the Alchemist and the Church. She was able to get some party favors from all of the,. When Eirwyn rejoined the group they were sharing tea and telling stories. Eirwyn had a glass of tea and told them a little about her background but didn’t go into too much details. She still hardly knew them after all.

The group left south and found the ambush site of the caravan. There were a few zombies holed up in the caravan and they took them down. They found some gear the robbers left behind and then they noticed an icy statue. Eirwyn started walking towards it and realized it was her friend Aaron, from all those years ago. This was too much to take after the death of her long time friend Lucien. She broke and let a few tears loose. She asked the party to help her bury her friend, which they did, while Kenna decided to burn the rest of the bodies, just in case.

The tracks were easy to find and the group followed them. After a few hours of travelling the party found themselves in a gorge. They decided to be on their guard, but were still ambushed by a wyrm type creature no one could identify? It nearly ate Kaito alive, but they managed to drop it Kaito fell. Still, the party was feeling weakened and tired and decided to make camp for the night. Luckily the made it peacefully through the night, Eirwyn slept like a baby buried under a foot of snow while the rest huddled up in the tent.

They continued the next day and were on set by fey, that also ambushed them. They were trickster, shooting staggering arrows, dropping color sprays and making illusionary duplicates of themselves. The party subdued them through force and threats, while one flew off and another bled out, they managed to subdue one named Pym. Pym was scared to talk, but Eirwyn was quite intimidating and the little sprite eventually spilled its guts. It seems this thing was bigger than they could’ve ever imagined.

It seems the Witch Queen Elvanna had opened a portal into Taldor and she was trying to encase Golarion in a perpetual winter. She sent an advanced party down through the portal led by a powerful winter Troll named Ted Knotten who was her advanced force in Taldan. Eirwyn had heard of Queen Elvana, and knew this was very grim tidings indeed. She vowed to shut the gate to the north and close off this portal for the people of Taldor.



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